Energy Efficiency Tips and Tricks

Key tips from our experts for keeping your home warm and cosy and costs down.

Keeping your filters clean will help your heat pump run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Simply open the front cover of your indoor unit and remove the filters, then vacuum them or run them under the tap and allow to dry before reinserting. We recommend doing this monthly during winter, when your heat pump is being used frequently. 

All heat pumps need to perform a 'defrost cycle' to remove any ice build up on the outdoor coils, especially when outside temperatures drop below 5°C. This can mean your heat pump will temporarily stop operating and the room air will sometimes feel a little cooler. Do not turn your heat pump off when it is on a defrost cycle.

When using your remote controller, communication must be made directly with the indoor unit. You should hear a beep with every instruction.

If your remote controller screen becomes faint or less responsive when changing settings, your batteries may need replacing. To avoid the heat pump reverting back to its factory settings, change one battery at a time.

If you have had a recent power surge or outage, you may need to reset your heat pump. Turn your indoor unit off with the remote controller and then turn the outdoor isolator switch off (usually located by the outdoor unit). Leave it off for 15 minutes. Turn unit back on and allow 10 - 15 minutes for communication to begin again.

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